Sony NEX-C3 & A35 Are Here, New Fast Primes All the Craze and More on Apple’s IOS 5 Camera Features


The next Sony NEX, the NEX-C3

Today’s a Sony day with decent new cameras spicing up competition. A Sony quadruple announcement confirms the arrival of the Sony NEX-C3, the SLT-A35, the 30 f/3.5 macro lens and the F20S flash. Click on the hyperlinks for previews.

The NEX-C3, the latest addition to the promising NEX lineup, is available in black, silver and a flashy pink.

The new body with the 16 MP CMOS sensor is lighter than its predecessors with shorter depth and rounded corners, advertised as the “world’s smallest and lightest.”

One of the new goodies: The feature “Skin Effect” is to detect and auto-correct wrinkles, blemishes and dull tones while focusing on the eyes and mouth.

And there’s the new member of the translucent mirror camera family at Sony in the form of the A35. It’s a middle child of sorts, building off of the A33 and A55 that preceded it. Inside, it brings a newly developed APS HD CMOS sensor and the Sony BIONZ processor, which make it capable of hitting ISO 25600.

Sums up Engadget:


The newest Sony SLT camera, the A35

We’ve been (impatiently) waiting for Sony to update its NEX line of digital cameras since the NEX-3 was discontinued earlier this year, and it looks like a worthy successor has finally been named. The NEX-C3 uses the same format APS-C image sensor as its predecessor, bumping resolution to 16.2 megapixels in a camera body smaller than the NEX-5. Sony says the new entry-level cam is designed to fill the gap between PS and DSLR cameras, and is the smallest body to pack an APS-C sensor, offering DSLR-level image quality – the same 16.2 MP chip is also included in its new full-size Alpha A35, which replaces the A33. Both cameras can shoot at up to 5.5n FPS (the A35 adds a 7 FPS mode at 8.4 megapixels), and include 3-inch LCDs, with the NEX keeping its hallmark tilt display, and the A35 adding Sony‘s translucent mirror live-view mode, and an electronic viewfinder.

I’m not saying, am just saying that the NEX-3 and NEX-5 can now be had as bargains.

On the rumor front, 43Rumors updates on the upcoming Panasonic-Leica 25 f/1.4, the second Leica-branded Micro Four Thirds lens, saying it’ll cost less than $1,000 and be cheaper and more compact than the Panasonic-Leica 45 f/2.8 macro. Seems like a fair deal, this glass will certainly deliver.

PhotoRumors has good news for available light photographers with more details on the promising SLR Magic/Noktor lenses:

SLR Magic recently took over the Noktor brand and announced the future development of two new lenses for Sony NEX/E-mount: 28 f/2.8 and Noktor 50 f/0.95. SLR Magic is currently working on supplying the Noktor 50mm f/0.95 lens to people who have been on the waiting list. The lens is expected to start shipping in July. In an email to PhotoRumors, SLR Magic representative stated that the Noktor 50 f/0.95 is not a rebranded CCTV lens as many people think. The original design is for a professional vision lens that is mainly used for medical and biological research where minimal light is available. A lot of work was done to make this lens work on digital cameras. The new Noktor lens will have the same optics and will be priced at $970. New Noktor lenses with different optical design are expected at the end of 2011.

1001NoisyCameras have more lens porn linking to the very first pictures taken with the new Samsung 85 f/1.4. Ultra-low apertures seem to be all the craze right now – hello Leica, your niche is endangered!

In the forum of Korean SLR Club you find some samples – looks like smooth, creamy bokeh with rich, contrasty colors, nothing to complain about.

Also via 1001NoisyCameras: Cinema5D, the forum for DSLR filmmakers, posts factory shots of babyPrimes, re-housed Zeiss photo primes produced in Italy at a price claimed to be 35 to 40 percent lower than the original Zeiss Compact Primes movie lenses.

Well Zeiss sent a clarification email to Canon 5D Tips to note that Zeiss is not involved with and Zeiss is not endorsing the babyPrimes project.

+++ In other photography related news, Wired has more on what Apple‘s iOS 5 will bring for photographers, saying taking photos on the iPhone is about to get a whole lot more fun.

First, the camera application. The headline feature is that you can now use the volume switch to fire the shutter. This is a lot easier than tapping an on-screen button.


The iOS 5’s new Auto-Enhance feature

So many other new helpful features. Like Auto-Enhance correcting those reddish skin tones.

Or Photo Stream. This uses Apple’s new push/sync iCloud service to send photos automatically between devices. Snap a pic on your iPhone and it appears magically on your iPad and your computer. The last 1,000 images are kept on iOS devices, and of course everything is stored on the Mac or PC. This might convince many to finally buy an iPhone.

CNET Asia has its own take, as does Engadget. Broad consensus: iOS 5 is gonna make the iPhone’s camera a hell of a lot easier to use.

Thank God the iPhone gets that hardware shutter button.

Concluding for today with one of my own humble shots:


Black Dancer

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